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Innovative Solutions for Environment and Utilities Components

Omnicorp with group has experience more than 5 years, providing total solutions for water, air, green house farming and fire fighting. Omnicorp is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company.

We are Delhi based, India and our effort towards to be presence across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Tuning to needs of the day, all our solutions are innovative, energy-efficient, environment-friendly and easy to operate.

Solutions Suite – Economical and Eco-friendly

Our solutions specifically focus on:

» Waste water management systems – pre-treatment, waste water treatment and chemical conditioning of water, sewage effluent treatment and recycling

» Air pollution control systems

» Water treatment chemicals

» Green house farming

» Fire fighting systems

» The wide range of utility components

Industry-specific Solutions – Clean and Green

Omnicorp provides industries with clean technologies that recover pollutants; thereby reducing their hazardous impact on the environment. Today, many iron & steel, cement, fertilizer and chemical industries reduce emissions using our air pollution control systems.

Project Management Capabilities

Our project management capabilities extend to setting up environment projects for customers in several markets. This is backed by robust and highly qualified consultants, involved in technology development and adaptation for various industrial applications….More

An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company is a Provider of Complete Environment Solutions, Total Utilities Solutions, Total Water & Waste Water Treatment, Total Fire Fighting Solutions, Mineral Water Project Natural & Packaged Drinking Water, Green Houses Farming & Technologies Supplier of Components for Various Applications, Service Providers , Maintenance & Operation Contractor, O&M – Plant Operation/Outsourcing DBO – Design- Build-Operate BOOT – Build-Own-Operate-Transfer
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