Air Pollution Control Equipments Air Pollution Control Equipments Air Pollution Control Equipments

Air Pollution Control Equipments

Omnicorp provide turn-key tailor-made solutions that are optimised to give the best technical solution for the lowest capital and running cost, and backed up with performance guarantees.

Omnicorp specialises in the following areas:

• Odour control systems

• Air pollution control systems

• Industrial gas cleaning

• Scrubbing, stripping and condensing technology

• Soluble contamination capture and recovery

• Particulate removal systems

• Hazardous waste flue gas cleaning systems

• VOC contamination abatement

• Maintenance of odour control and industrial APC equipment

We offer a wide range of scrubber technologies to rigorously meet clean air norms. These scrubber technologies are enlisted below:

Jet ejector scrubbers. Bag filters and Cyclones
Packed wet scrubbers Venturi Scrubbers & Particulate collection systems
Centrifugal blowers Acid Fumes scrubbers & exhaust systems.

Omnicorp Client Support

We also support our clients with:

• Consultancy, including odour and contamination modelling

• Front end engineering design studies

• Design Contracts

• Hire of temporary odour control and air pollution control systems

• Commissioning

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