Pumps & Motors

Pumps & Motors Our collection of pumps & motors encompasses Induction motors, AC 3PH Motors, DC Motors, Flame proof motors, SPDP Motors, Energy efficient motors, Brake motors, AC Generators, super drive motors, L T Induction motors, Dewatering & sewage pumps, submersion pump set, booster pump, pump for firefighting system etc.

Pumps & Motors

Hydro-Pneumatic System

Hydro-Pneumatic System

OMNICORP offers Hydro-pneumatic Booster System for consistent flow and pressure for various applications. Hydro pneumatic booster system is designed either with single or with multiple pumps to have continuous water pressure. Systems are also designed with Variable Frequency Drive Unit.

Various types of Pumps are used for pneumatic booster system depending upon application and use. Booster Tank is used to get smooth operation of the Pump allowing pump to work for minimum 1/2 to 1 min.

Piping and Valves are used for making system easy.


• Commercial Offices and Industries

• Clubs & Sports Complex

• Residential requirement

• Restaurants & Hotels

• Food Joints & Resorts

• Water Treatment Plants

Gear Motors

Gear Motors

We offer a wide range of Electric Geared Motors, used in different industries. The definite velocity ratio which results from having teeth gives gears an advantage over other drives in precision machines. These Shaft Mounted Geared Motors best in look and high in performance. The Gears are machined from high quality alloy steel, hobbed profile with correct tooth contact pattern for efficient loading. These are available in varied strengths. We supply these Helical Geared Motors and Electric Geared Motors according to specific requirements and demand of markets.

Air Blower/Gas Blower

Air Blower/Gas Blower

We offer Air Blowers and Gas Blower. A complete range of standard Air Blowers and Gas Blower are available for flow rates from 25 cu. mt./hr through 10,000 cu. mt./hr in single stage and upto any capacity in parallel configuration for working pressure range upto 1kg/sq. cm.

Standard Design & Constructional Features

Gas Blower

• Factory Engineered, factory guaranteed, superior product

• 100% oil free air delivery

• Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears

• Anti-friction bearings

• Rotary oil sealing

• Rigid one piece CI casing and side plates

• Horizontal and vertical configurations available

• Easy rotor timing setting

• No vanes, valves or rings to wear

• Large inlet and outlet connections for minimum loss

• Improved volumetric efficiency and reduced operating temp

• Alloy steel toughened shafts ground to close tolerance

Surface Aerator

Surface Aerator

The surface aerator provides powerful pumping action that transfers oxygen by breaking up the wastewater into a spray of particles,creating more surface area for atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into the wastewater. At the same time, the oxygen-enriched water is dispersed and mixed.

The result: Effective wastewater treatment. Applications include aerated lagoons, stabilizations basins, sequencing batch reactors, activated sludge treatment plants, aerobic digestion and upgrades of existing systems.

Features and Benefits

• Excellent oxygen transfer

• Low operating costs

• Trouble-free performance

• Unequaled resistance to the environmental extremes to which aerators are exposed.

Ozone System

Ozone System Ozone has an extraordinarily large microbicidal efficiency spectrum. Applied correctly, it has a very quick and efficient effect on almost all known bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Moreover, Ozone degrades to Oxygen and does not leave any by-products. Thus it is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly means of water disinfection, but also for removing Iron or Manganese traces from drinking water. Typical application areas are: Water treatment in swimming pools, drinking water or cooling water treatment, water treatment in beverage industries or zoo pools and aquaria.

Capacity : 5g/h- 740g/h


• Simple installation thanks to compact design

• Low compressed air consumption owing to dynamic variable pressure drying with low primary pressure (air systems)

• Minimum energy and cooling water consumption ensured by new, maintenance free generator concept

• Automatic ozone generation largely independent of voltage and pressure – fluctuations

• High tolerance to influences from installation environment

Membrane Diffuser/ Disc Diffuser

Membrane Diffuser

The fine bubble membrane and coarse bubble disc are specially formulated for waste water chemical environment. The standard ¾” diffuser pipe thread makes it convenient to replace other coarse/old bubble diffusers. The precision perforated “I” shaped slit holes open when airflow comes, close when airflow pressure drops, resist tearing and stay clean longer.

Maximum oxygen transfer.

Low maintenance requirements.

Wide air flow range

High resistance to clogging and corrosion.

FRP- Pressure-Vessel

FRP- Pressure-Vessel

The cost-effective, easy to handle & non-corrosive pressure vessels for your residential, commercial & industrial water treatment.

Omnicorp provides Pressure Vessels of all reputed brands, are are designed and engineered to operate under severe conditions.

They are made up of high performance composite liner and the outer shell is reinforced with epoxy- fiber glass windings.


Non-corrosive, light weight, composite liner etc.


Low maintenance cost, easy to handle, easy to use, no internal rubber lining etc

Chemicals Dosing System

Chemicals Dosing System We offer Chemical handling and Dosing Systems for dosing coagulants like Lime. Ferrous Sulphate, PAC, Alum and Feed Conditioning chemicals like Anti-scalant, Antioxidant, Membrane cleaners etc. Dosing systems are skid mounted, compact and rugged, engineered to handle and work efficiently under highly corrosive and varying conditions.

The areas of application include

• Raw water treatment

• Waste water treatment

• Reverse Osmosis Feed & Cleaning

• Ultra Filtration

• Membrane Bio Reactor

• Cooling water treatment

• Boiler Feed Treatment

• Condensate conditioners

Bulk Acid Handling System

Bulk Acid Handling System

We offer complete pre-engineered Acid Storage & Handling systems to handle Sulphuric and Hydrochloric Acid, pre-engineered designs conforming to International safety norms with respect to spillage and containment.

Typical handling and dosing systems consists of unloading pumps with corrosion-free material of construction. Storage tanks in FRP / LDPE / SS with fume / moisture sealing devices.

Metering type pumps with varied material of construction to suit the acid handling. All Dosing Systems can be upgraded to a high level of automation for link upto a localized PLC or client’s DCS as required.

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