Membrane Housing?


Membrane Housing_1

• Prevents growth of organic matter and ease in loading and un-loading.

• Better membrane sealing and ease in loading and un-loading.

• Quick access to membranes and eliminates use of tools.

• Reduces investment on manifolds drastically.

• Better strength

• Fail safe shell, prevents catastrophic failure.


Membrane Housing_2

• Glossy ID finish.

• Precise bore diameter.

• Easy head locking system.

• Multi side-porting option

• Head locking groove integrally wound

• Weeping at 4 times the design pressure


Water treatment plants, Waste Water Treatment, Food & Beverage, Electronic Industries, Health care, Pharmaceutical Industry etc.

Point of Use:

Desalination, Pre-Treatment, Ultra-pure water, Dialysis Machines etc.


• Complete range of 2.5″, 4.0″ & 8″ diameter.

• End entry type & Side entry type.

• Operating pressures up to 1200 psi.

• 40″ – one element long to eight elements long.

• Package option with Membranes, Victaulic coupling, pressure gauges et

RO & Nano Membranes, UF Module & MBR hallow Fiber Module

High rejection and High flux membrane: – Both high rejection and high flux membranes are being provided by Omnicorp.

Choice in membrane material: – Two types of membrane materials are available: thin film composite (TM and SU series) and cellulose acetate (SC series).

Used in many applications :- With such a broad range of products, such as high salt rejection or ultra-low pressure elements, the optimum element can be selected for any application ranging from ultra pure process water to seawater desalination.

RO & Nano Membranes

Coal Gasifier

Coal Gasifier_1

We, at OMNICORP , have started to outsourcing of Coal Gasifier. Our gasification process transports pulverised coal and compressed nitrogen into a gasifier. Here the coal mixes with oxygen at 1,400-1,600°C (2,552-2,912°F) to produce syngas. Coal gasification also creates useful by-products – fly ash for the cement industry, sulphur for fertiliser manufacture and for chemical applications, and slag for building materials and for roads.

In most other gasification processes, the extremely high temperature inside the gasifier damages the heat-resistant brick walls. Operators must routinely replace the walls and this requires shutdowns, reducing efficiency.

In a Shell coal gasifier a layer of water-filled pipes helps to keep the walls cool and prevent prevent damage.

They are insulated by hot slag that forms from the melting ash, acting as a barrier between the cooler water and the heat in the furnace.

Cooling Systems

OMNICORP offers wide variety of Water Cooling Tower, Industrial Cooling Tower, FRP Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers, and Cooling Tower Spare and Spare Parts..


Coal Gasifier_2

The body is made of FRP which has the graceful figure. It is firmly assembled to from the bell-mouth shape, so That it can reduce the pressure loss.


The sprinkler rotates automatically with the low pressure of the circulating cooling water jet spray. So that it can reduce the automatic water.


The proper designs provide the good ventilation and wide contact area between liquid and vapor.


Coal Gasifier_3 The main parts are made of FRP, plastics, and other metallic parts are hot dip galvanize plated, which can give Good Corrosion resistance and good durability.


Custom design and the unique single- shell design offers hassle-free maintenance and Prefabricated construction will be the most convenient to maintain the system.


The fan is the axial flow type developed by the perfect cooling towers. To generate much airflow with low noise. It is Made of FRP in most models.


FRP body has low conductivity of the solar heat, corresponding to about 1/300 of metal, so that it can maintain the high cooling efficiency.

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