Filter Press

Industrial technology adapted for treatment of wastewater sludge

Decanter Centrifuge

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OMNICORP decanter centrifuges are designed for reduced space requirement and power consumption at identical throughput. In sludge treatment technology, OMNICORP has revolutionized the drive system for decanter centrifuges – following the double drive with energy re-circulation, the new TC decanter centrifuge is the first centrifuge with a co-axial driving system, featuring a novel synchronous motor and coupling type. It is protected by worldwide patents and is used in centrifuges for thickening and/or dewatering of WWTP sludge.

Characteristics of the OMNICORP decanter centrifuge

• Optimum performance (dryness, capture rate)

• Continuous and fully automated sludge dewatering

• Polyvalence of operation (dewatering, thickening with or without polymer)

• Optimum flexibility (adjustment of operating parameters while running)

• Lasting robustness

• Compact design and low space requirement

The drive system

• The new-generation motor comes without bearings and fixed windings

• It is directly coupled to the Cyclo reducer and therefore acts both as main and secondary motor, controlled by frequency inverter, in order to optimize the bowl and the scroll speed

• It has very precise differential speed and torque control

Main assets

• Lower power consumption (minus 10%) due to completely new synchronous motor design, delivering high power output and high precision of speed control, as well as reliability

• Simplified kinematics and easy maintenance

• Aesthetic design

Main applications

Food industry

• Animal fats

• Fish and vegetable oils (avocado, corn, olive, palm oil, etc.)

• Starch

• Casein and lactose

• Thin spillage from bio-ethanol plants

• Fruit and vegetable juices

• Soy milk

Chemical industry

• Organic acids

• Polymers, resins

• Hydroxides and metal oxides

• Salts

Other processes

• Drilling mud

• Oil-containing mud Industrial effluents from

• Slaughterhouses

• Dairies

• Paper mills

• Distilleries

• Chemical industry

• Pig manure

Belt Press Filter

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A Belt Filter Press is a Biosolids/sludge dewatering device that applies mechanical pressure to a chemically conditioned slurry, which is sandwiched between two (2) tensioned belts, by passing those belts through a serpentine of decreasing diameter rolls. The machine can actually be divided into three (3) zones: gravity zone, where free draining water is drained by gravity through a porous belt; wedge zone, where the solids are prepared for pressure application; and pressure zone, where medium, then high pressure is applied to the conditioned solids.

Typically, a belt filter press receives a slurry ranging from 1-4% feed solids and produces a final product of 12-35% cake solids. Performance depends on the nature of the solids being processed. .

Product Options and Applications

Some Belt Filter Presses are available in a three-belt, a two-belt, and an extended gravity two-belt design. The three-belt press has an independent gravity zone with a more open belt for more rapid drainage of the volume of water. The extended gravity design has a longer gravity drainage zone. Selection of the basic machine is a function of the type of sludge and feed solids.


• Raw

o     Primary

o     Primary & Trickling filter

o     Primary & WAS

o     WAS

o     Contact Stabilization

o     Primary & RBC

• Anaerobically Digested

o     Primary

o     Primary & Trickling Filter

o     Primary & WAS

o     Primary & RBC

• Aerobically Digested

o     Oxidation Ditch

o     Primary & Activated

o     Contact Stabilization

o     Extended

o     Primary & RBC

o     WAS

• Potable Water Plant

o     Alum Sludge

o     Lime Softening Sludge

o     River Water Silt

Filter Press

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We are offering our clients with a comprehensive gamut of Filter Press & their services. In this range we are offering Filter Press Plate, Belt Filter Press, Fully Automatic Filter Press, Filter Press, Double Station Coir Pith Press and Manual Filter Press. These offered products available with us in different specifications suited to the divergent demands of the clients. Furthermore, these offered products are fabricated using high-grade basic material, in tandem with the defined parameters of the industry. Our clients can avail the offered products in both customized and standard forms. Further, information regarding offered products is given below:

Manual/Mechanical Bar Screen

OMNICORP offers manual and mechanical bar screen for various application.


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OMNICORP has mechanically operated screen designed especially for screening of fine floating waste coming with water and municipal/industrial wastewater. Sewage treatment plant and effluent treatment plants of various industries like Food processing, Rayon and textiles, Paper and pulp, Pharmaceuticals, Tanneries, Slaughter houses and so on.


OMNICORP fine screen are installed at an inclination of 40 degrees-75 degrees in the open channel of the treatment plants. OMNICORP fine screen works on the principle of mat formation. OMNICORP screens are able to remove wastes even finer that the bar spacing.


Bar spacing range from 2 – 10 mm. For municipal waste treatment 6 mm bar spacing is highly recommended. For industrial waste bar spacing depends up on nature of the waste.

10 mm to 75 mm. For sewage pumping stations bar spacing 30 to 40 mm is recommended in case coarse screen


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To prevent from corrosion and to provide longer life OMNICORP fine screens are completely made from stainless steel AISI 304 grade as standard. Other grades of stainless steels are available up on request.


• Rugged mechanical construction – Very long life.

• Inclined at 40 Deg- Increased operational efficiency, inclined at 75 Deg in case of coarse screen.

• Superior bar profile – Prevention from roll back of wastes

• Higher capture rate – Ability to handle diverse waste

• Higher capacity- Due to thin bar section more screening area.

• Self cleaning- No entrapment of solids.

• Minimum moving parts-Lower wear and tear, minimum maintenance, Long life

• Simple installation and operation..

• Factory assembled and movement tested- Faster erection.

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