Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

Communicating and listening

Increasing the satisfaction and considering the needs, expectations and requirements of customers depends first and foremost on an ability to listen. That is why we call regular customer and communicate for their problem.

Responding to the Customer’s Technical Level

Responding to the customer’s technical level is easy to do, once we get a feel for it. It can save time and help us to solve problems. This brings up a very important point.

Establishing Personal Rapport with the Customer

Establishing personal rapport with the customer is one of the key elements to maintaining customer satisfaction. Rapport leads to trust, and trust leads to cooperation and a good relationship. Personal rapport includes following up on problems that you judge might end up being a problem later. It also includes knowing your customers’ computer hardware, software, configuration, and history. Finally, it includes knowing your customer on an interpersonal level.

We always think of what we are doing as a service-sector job. We think of all the people who are in the service sector that we have dealt with in our life. We think of the ten worst ones and then the ten best ones. What did the ten worst ones do to turn you off? Never do what they did to us. Now we think of what the ten best people did. We concentrate on their behavior and act accordingly. What was it that they did right? How can we integrate this greatness into our own job? Maybe we will be on someone’s ten-best list someday.

The following check list helps us to make it there:

» The customer is always right.

» We treat the customer with respect.

» We always behave professionally.

» We always maintain the highest level of integrity.

» We ask for help if we can’t solve a problem.

» We listen carefully to the customer and ask good questions.

» We practice good damage control with customers; make sure the customer is not going to complain to everyone about their problems.

» We ensure that the customers are satisfied when you leave.

» We always provide superb service, which is above and beyond average service...More

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