Desalination Desalination


A copious resource

Seawater accounts for 97% of the water on earth. Since almost 60% of the world’s population lives less than 60 km from a maritime coast, seawater is poised to become one of the main alternative resources in those regions in the next several decades. In arid coastal regions, desalination can augment available water resources. It also has the advantage of reducing water dependency on other regions and eliminating the need to import and transport water over long distances.

Advance & integrated technologies

There are two main types of procedures for desalinating seawater, which contains almost 100 times more than the WHO-recommended amount of salt in water destined for human consumption.

• Thermal desalination. Converting the water to steam in distillation facilities separates its salt.

• Reverse osmosis membrane desalination. The water is fed under pressure through a membrane, which lets the water through but traps the salt.

The two types of processes can be combined if doing so cuts costs and improves performance.

Omnicorp offers the technologies to optimize the performance of our clients’ desalination processes, both in terms of their environmental impact and energy use.


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