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Fire Fighting System

The fire, never getting fired

Wherever combustible substances are stored, the fire hazard is especially high and when a fire brakes out, the damage is oftentimes devastating. To ensure maximum safety, individual and professional fire protection concepts are required.

Brilliant ideas for optimum protection

Experience shows that when fires occur, they often start unnoticed and cause serious damage before they are discovered. Furthermore, special devices are frequently required to extinguish fires, which makes fire fighting an especially complex and costly task. To protect power plants against fire, we develop fire protection analyses for silos, landfills, coal stockyards, and stockpiles. For us, not only does the compliance of legal requirements play a role, but so does the development of new ideas for our customers. We know all about the ideal combination of various fire protection elements for ensuring the optimum safety of your buildings and plants. Take advantage of the possibilities of the engineering-specific, risk-oriented fire protection plan and its practical implementation.

Bundled expertise

In addition, we also offer expert support in preparing alarm plans in case of fire (e.g. fighting fires at stockpiles and landfills) as well as with the aftercare. With the bundled expertise of the experts from Omnicorp systems, we offer a wide range of services and have numerous references in fire protection, in particular for conventional power plants.

Our services at a glance:

Fire protection concepts and assessments

• Comprehensive and protection goal-oriented fire protection concepts

• Fire protection assessments for existing buildings and fire protection concepts to be submitted

• Certificates according to engineering fire protection methods

• Weak spot analyses and restoration concepts taking into consideration risk-oriented parameters and economic feasibility

Fire protection planning

• Advice from planners, architects, and builders, e.g. in the practical implementation of fire protection concepts

• Measurement of individual components for fire drills

• Measurement of plant-specific fire protection measures, e.g. smoke and heat extraction systems, extinguishing systems, and fire fighting water containment systems

• Use of scientifically secured calculation methods for verification management, e.g. fire simulators for fire and smoke proliferation, evacuation calculations, and measurements of components


• Monitoring during construction as well as an acceptance inspection of fire protection measures at the construction site

• Acceptance and function inspections as well as recurring testing of plant-specific fire protection measures

• Provision of supervisory engineers specialising in fire protection

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