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Innovation is our strength

As a young and dynamic organization, we understand the value of manufacturing own products, which means (not implied directly) we have introduced lots of improvement and innovations in our products. Of course, all credits go to our closely knit bunch of young professionals whom we refer ‘crazy nuts’ as they are onerously workaholic and pretty versatile.

Advantages of Green House

Yield increases by 5 – 15 times or even more. Reduction in labour cost
Less fertilizer requirement, thus reduction in fertilizer cost. Low water requirement thus saving in water.
Less chances of disease attack, thus reduction in disease control cost. Higher Efficiency of Water & Fertilizer Use.
Cultivation in problematic topography. Cultivation in problematic soil conditions.
Cultivation in problematic climate conditions. Requires less area to get max yield and benefits.
Easy to operate, maintain & control

Fully Computerized Control System

Most of the time the owner prefers Mutually Controlled System or Semi Automatic Controlled System because of low investment. But in such type of Control Systems it requires a lot of attention and care. Also it is very difficult and cumbersome to maintain uniform environment inside the Green House. Ultimately this affects crop production, non uniform growth, low quality of the crop.

Omnicorp Computerized Control System is the solution to come over this problem and to maximize returns. Computer provides a faster and precise operation in the Green House. Also it stores, displays and prints the Green House information as needed.

Computer can do the following operations as per the pre-scheduled programme:

1. Starting and closing of Micro Irrigation System.

2. Application of Liquid Fertilizer or Water Soluble Fertilizer (N:P:K) and other Nutrients to the plant.

3. Operation of Misting System as required.

4. Opening and closing of ventilators and side wall roll up curtains as needed.

5. Operation of shading net / Thermal screen.

6. Operation of cooling pad and fan.

7. Operation of heating system.

8. Operation of CO2 Generator, Climate Control, Temperature, Humidity, Heat Radiation, Control of EC, PH, PPM level in irrigation water etc. as required to the plant.

9. Growth / Production of rare plants, orchids / herbs, medicinal plants.

Omnicorp Green House Technology is suitable for-

• Production of vegetable crops.

• Production of off-season flowers, vegetables.

• Production of Roses, Carnation, cut-flowers etc.

• Plant propagation, raising of seedlings.

• Primary and secondary hardening nursery of Tissue cultured plant.

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