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Industrial Process Water

Make water that enhances the life of your process

Industrial water treatment seeks to manage four main problem areas: scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity and disposal of residual wastewater. Boilers do not have many problems with microbes as the high temperatures prevent their growth.

Scaling occurs when the chemistry and temperature conditions are such that the dissolved mineral salts in the water are caused to precipitate and form solid deposits. These can be mobile, like a fine silt, or can build up in layers on the metal surfaces of the systems. Scale is a problem because it insulates and heat exchange becomes less efficient as the scale thickens, which wastes energy. Scale also narrows pipe widths and therefore increases the energy used in pumping the water through the pipes.

Corrosion occurs when the parent metal oxidises (as iron rusts, for example) and gradually the integrity of the plant equipment is compromised. The corrosion products can cause similar problems to scale, but corrosion can also lead to leaks, which in a pressurised system can lead to catastrophic failures.

Microbes can thrive in untreated cooling water, which is warm and sometimes full of organic nutrients, as wet cooling towers are very efficient air scrubbers. Dust, flies, grass, fungal spores and so on collect in the water and create a sort of “microbial soup” if not treated with biocides. Most outbreaks of the deadly Legionnaires’ Disease have been traced to unmanaged cooling towers, and the UK has had stringent Health & Safety guidelines concerning cooling tower operations for many years as have had governmental agencies in other countries.

Kay Application

• Boiler Feed Water

• Process Water

• heating and Cooling Water

• Process Steam generation

Our Solutions

Process-related water treatment problems can be solved using a variety of treatment technologies. At Omnicorp, we partner each of our clients in order to develop totally customized process water treatment solutions to meet their needs.

Today’s global requirements to decrease water consumption mean that demands are made for improvements to water management, especially in industrial processes. Omnicorp state-of-the-art solutions and our significant global experience across many industries enable us to respond to these global challenges.

In many of these processes, it is vital to control certain constituents in order to affect flavour, the aggressiveness of the water, its tendency to form scale or shelf life. Some of the constituents we manage are:

• Alkalinity

• Dissolved salts

• Organic content

• Particulates

• Bacterial contamination

• Presence of oxidising agents

Omnicorp have a number of processes that ensure reliable and effective production of process water, to ensure that the water produced is of consistent and reliable quality.


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