Mineral Water Plant Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plant

Omnicorp offers the STATE-of-the-ART complete Mineral Water Plant to produce water quality as per Water regulatory standards. Complete System is the combination of various PRODUCTS to produce desired Water Quality.

Water Source

Water should be collected from the source which should be well protected, available easily, un-contaminated. Sources can be anything viz. Bore well water Line, Closed Ring Well, Municipal Supply Line or Other source where treatment is possible.

Water Transfer

Water is transferred to Raw Water Storage Tanks using proper pumping system and un-contaminating piping work. Either Submersible Pump or surface mounted Centrifugal pump can be used with good quality UPVC or CPVC or SS piping can be used for this application.

Water Treatment System

Complete Purification system comprising of

• Raw Water feed Pump

• Chlorine Dosing systems

• Multi Media Filtration for Coarse filtration

• Activated Carbon Filtration

• Water Softening / Antiscalant Treatment Process

• Reverse Osmosis Or Nano / Ultra Filtration

• Purified Water Storage in Stainless Steel tank

• Transfer Pump in stainless steel

• Micron Cartridge Filtration (0.2 Micron

• UV Sterilization

• Ozone Disinfection

Water Process Description

Raw water is chlorinated or Ozonated to oxidize the organic impurities (kill bacteria and virus). This water is passed through Multi Media Filter with the help of Feed pump of suitable capacity to remove suspended impurities followed by Activated Carbon Filter to remove excess chlorine (de-chlorination), odour, colour and turbidity due to colloidal suspended impurities and organic impurities.

De chlorinated water is then dosed with Anti Scalent Solution to avoid scale formation on the membrane or passed through Softener to remove hardness. Softened water is further passed through 10-micron cartridge filter to remove micron particles to avoid clogging of the RO membrane and to improve the silt density index. Water further passed though RO Unit which is complete with High Pressure Pump, Membranes with Pressure tubes, Electrical control panel and wet panel, piping with valves and all the required accessories viz., pressure switch, solenoid valve etc. Reverse Osmosis unit will reduce the dissolved Salts up to 95% of the In feed TDS. Treated water from RO unit will be stored into SS tank.

This treated water is then passed through 0.2 micron cartridge filter before it is taken for the filling. Ozonator unit producing ozone gas is installed in series at the outlet of UV System to provide residual effect of ozone to the water.

Water Testing Facility

Purified Water is tested using IN HOUSE Water Testing laboratory Where Chemical and Micro Biologically Water is tested for Chemical and Micro Biological parameters. For this, a complete full fledge Water Testing CHEMICAL and MICRO BIOLOGICAL Lab is required. However, water is also tested for Pesticide and Radio-nuclear parameters in outside Bureau of Indian standards approved laboratory.

PET BOTTLE blowing Machine

Water once purified is filled in PET Bottles where bottles can be blown IN HOUSE using Bottle stretch Blow Moulding Machine. This Machine requires Heavy duty Compressor with Compressor Air Dryer unit. Bottles are blown using Semi Automatic Twin Blow blow machine.

Blow Moulding Machines are available in following capacities:

Semi Auto – 600 Bottles or 1200 Bottles per hour and multiple of 600 BPH Fully Auto – 1200 BPH / 1800 BPH / 2400 BPH / 3600 BPH / 4500 BPH etc.

Machines are available with all the accessories viz.

• Storage Hopper and Automatic Feeder of Pet Preforms

• Bottle on line Feeder on Air Conveyor

• Air Compressor/s suitable capacity

• Compressed Air Dryer & Filters

• Chiller Unit of suitable capacity

• Various capacity Hard Chrome Diamond Finish PET Bottle Moulds.

PET BOTTLE Rinse, Fill, Cap, Label Machine

• Machine has fully automatic Rinsing, Filling, Capping operations.

• Body Labeling with Hot Melt BOPP Labels OR PVC Shrink Labels.

• Product Hygienic and untouched by human hand.

• Can Fill 500 ml to 2.0 Lt in the same machine, using change parts at an extra.

• Machine Capacities

Various capacity Machines are available

• 24 Bottles / min

• 40-50 Bottles/min

• 72-80 Bottles/min

• 100-120 Bottles/min

• 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 Bottles per min and

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