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Operation and Maintenance Contracts (O&M)

It is a comprehensive service contract where OMNICORP undertakes complete responsibility of supply of treated water in required quantity and of desired quality at any client’s place. Right from Manpower to services to consumables are provided by OMNICORP and the client is free of worries.

Annual Maintenance Contacts (AMC)

A professional service packages which covers the Water & waste water equipments with the most trusted people from the Industry. The preventive maintenance concept is followed to deliver value to customer. Regular features of this package include scheduled inspection visits and scheduled maintenance and services. Customers can also customize this package by opting for our value added services like monitoring, Lab and Instrument support.


Industries today are rewriting their resource based profitability profile. Agents of Change are environmental pollution by industrial effluents, stricter statutory compliance to environmental laws and the need for better cost management. It is now necessary for industries to install the most modern and efficient water and effluent treatment plants. While companies focus on their core business, they need the assurance that the maintenance and smooth running of their water and effluent treatment plants are secure in the hands of professionals.

Envirocare Services helps to prevent potential problems before they become costly or hazardous. From Installation of the most appropriate equipment to routine inspections and maintenance, the company offers solutions for everything. Envirocare’s aim is always the same – to provide service support for the effortless, long term management of waste water.

Water Audits

A Comprehensive study of Total water Circuit with an objective to enhance the efficiency ( Quality as well as Quantity) of the entire circuit is performed by industry experts with high qualifications and enormous experience. A detailed report along with detailed recommendations is submitted at the end of the study to allow you to take a wise decision on Water Management.

On Call Services

This is the mantra which we follow for this service package, be it a troubleshooting call or seasonal service requirement, we provide services on demand. We offer a wide array of services here with experienced technicians with commitment, we assure you your problem, however complex, will be well attended to.More

Inspection Services

We offer Consultation from our experts on your water problems. Our consultants are derived from a knowledge pool that has wide experience in technology, both current and emerging, they can optimize your existing technology or provide you with the best solution which we can also execute. After inspection a report is submitted to customers in order to make judicious decisions for water related issues.


Automation of Existing water treatment systems to reduce breakdown and costs by experts.

In today’s world reliability on machines is very high in production and manufacturing processes. This drives the need for automating the processes which in turn calls for automation of all individual equipment.

OMNICORP provides comprehensive support to their clients in automating their conventional water Treatment equipment to achieve consistent operation of equipment with less human interference and very low maintenance cost. The conventional which are frequently automated are softeners and DM plants.


With expansion in production, Water requirements will also increase. To provide the best possible solution for this, we upgrade the existing water treatment scheme for enhanced requirements through retrofitting. All of this is planned and supervised by professionals with high qualifications and years of experience and executed by technicians with enormous experience and a through commitment to the customer.

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